Half of a Yellow Sun provides an intimate encounter with one of the most important pieces of Nigerian history. This classic film juxtaposes love with violence, family with enmity, self-hatred with cultural confidence.

This film demonstrates so beautifully that the beginning of cultural confidence is the embracing of history. Accepting the truth of our history–as individuals and as a nation–allows us to build new and better truths in the future.

What Biyi Bandele and the HOAYS executive team have done here is not only recount history; they have made history. Half of a Yellow Sun was funded by Nigerians, filmed in Nigeria, by Nigerians. Additionally, this film can stand against any film from any industry. Production quality, storytelling, aesthetics…this is Nollywood. This should be the Nollywood standard. This is the new bar for anyone within the borders of Nigeria creating content.

Join us for the screening of Half of a Yellow Sun and a discussion on how film and media can advance a nation’s cultural confidence. Tickets.

View the trailer here:

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