Wunmi Olaiya, international recording artist and global brand, is the embodiment of cultural confidence. Her raw lyricism and musical performances have been described as “sensational,” “breathtaking,” “mesmerizing” from London to Tokyo to Bahia and feature an eclectic mix of AfroBeat, House, Jazz, Funk; likening her to a new-era Fela Kuti.  She’s made music and shared stages with everyone from Soul II Soul to Tony Allen to Roy Ayers.

Wunmi is as real as it gets, and her performance talent is fully matched by her gift as a fashion architect. Having designed for the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Esmerelda Spalding and Susan Taylor, among others, her stringent commitment to superior quality, authenticity, beauty has made her own clothing line—Wow Wow by Wunmi—one of the most coveted ready to wear African fashion brands on the planet. Join Wunmi and other culturally confident ALAs (Africans Living Abroad) at NDFS Cultural Confidence.

Learn more about Wunmi here.

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